Christmas Club Savings Account

Save money year-round with MRV Banks’ Christmas Club


What is MRV Banks Christmas Club Savings account?

Our Christmas club is a type of savings account in which people make routine deposits throughout the year. The accumulated savings are then withdrawn before the holiday season to provide funds for holiday shopping and other expenses, like travel.


Benefits of our Christmas Club Savings account.

  • You save all year
  • You get paid just in time for the holidays
  • Earn interest
  • Low Opening Balance
  • Free gift


When to open a Christmas Club Savings account.

The best time to open a Christmas club savings account is ideally at the beginning of the year, shortly after the holiday season ends. This way, you can maximize the account’s benefits and have a full year to save for the upcoming holiday expenses.


Set up your Christmas Club account and start saving today!


Minimum to open: none
Minimum balance to avoid charge: none
Interest bearing: Yes
Fee for more than 3 withdrawals per month: $3.00
Auto transfer for your convenience

Ste. Genevieve: 573-883-8222

Cape Girardeau: 573-334-7811

Festus: 636-638-2421

St. Charles: 636-638-2585

*Rates Subject to Change: The rates offered by MRV Banks are subject to change at any time without prior notice. The rates displayed or communicated to you at the time of account opening are subject to adjustment based on market conditions, economic factors, and internal banking policies.