Starz 50+ Club

MRV’s Starz 50+ Club provides exclusive perks and opportunities for its members. Starz 50+ membership means special rates on banking, discounted world travel, organized day trips, monthly newsletters, and so much more. With extensive benefits and continuous camaraderie, Starz 50+ is another perk of getting older.

  • Free money orders, cashiers checks and photo copies
  • Travel Club
  • Day trips to restaurants, sporting events, and other entertainment
  • Membership newsletters
  • Discounts on safe deposit boxes



Visit our member perks page to learn more. If you’re interested in becoming a Starz 50+ Club member, contact us and find out how*.
*Starz 50+ Club membership requires an MRV checking account and $5,000 minimum aggregate balance between accounts. Members must be 50 years or older to join.


Where banking turns into vacation. MRV Bank’s Starz 50+ Club trips was established in 2011 out of the desire to provide group travel rewards and opportunities to its members. It’s an exciting way to see the world and make great memories without the stress of all the details.

Since then, we have expanded our boundaries and taken many trips.



These are the places we have traveled:


2011- Texas San Antonio

2012- New York City


2015-Australia & Fiji

2016-New York City

2017- Scotland

2018- Hawaii- Oahu, Kauai & Maui

2019- Greece- Islands, Mykonos & Santorini

2020 (Spring)- Alaska

2020 (Fall) – London & Paris

2022- Switzerland, Austria & Bavaria

2023- Spain and Portugal

2024- Memorials of WWII






Daytrips include St. Louis Cardinal games, St Louis Basilica, St. Louis Aquarium, St Louis Fox Theater, Our Lady of the Snow, Hofbräuhaus, local wineries and more!

Thank you, to all of our Starz 50+ members who went on the journey with us – we can’t wait to see you again soon!