Starz50+ Club

MRV’s Starz50+ Club provides exclusive perks and opportunities for its members. Starz50+ membership means special rates on banking, discounted world travel, organized day trips, monthly newsletters, and so much more. With extensive benefits and continuous camaraderie, Starz50+ is another perk of getting older.

  • Free money orders, cashiers checks and photo copies
  • Travel Club
  • Day trips to restaurants, sporting events, and other entertainment
  • Membership newsletters
  • Discounts on safe deposit boxes

Visit our member perks page to learn more. If you’re interested in becoming a Starz50+ Club member, contact us and find out how*.
*Starz50+ Club membership requires an MRV checking account and $5,000 minimum aggregate balance between accounts. Members must be 50 years or older to join.


Starz50+ Trip

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