Business Banking


Your Local Business Partner

At MRV Banks, we work with local businesses to help them succeed. We understand the key role they play in our communities, and we want to help them thrive. We offer a variety of business banking products —business checking accounts, money market accounts, commercial loans, and more — and we treat each business as a partner.


Local Business Deserves Local Service

Running a local business is challenging enough without having to deal with a big bank that operates on a national level, with no real understanding of small town businesses. At MRV Banks, all of our business customers are small and local, just like us. You are the heart of our business and we treat you with the importance you deserve.


A Relationship Built on Trust

Great banking and business partnerships are based on trust. This means we work with our business customers to make the best financial decisions possible, not to sell them products and services. We regularly invite our business customers in for meetings, luncheons, and collaborative opportunities so we can work and grow together.


Locally Owned by 300 Shareholders

We are proud to be locally owned by our neighbors and businesses in our community. Ownership makes a big difference in how a bank operates. We don’t have to please out-of-state shareholders who have never set foot in this community. We make decisions to benefit Cape Girardeau, Ste. Genevieve, and Festus.


Keep Your Money in Your Own Community

When you bank locally, your money stays here and benefits your own community. Big banks send their profits out of town. We invest ours to support local economies, organizations, and businesses so we can create a better place to work and live.