New Look, More Options, Same Great Service!!!

Have you ever needed to transfer funds into someone’s account or send a wire? You will be able to do these and more with our new online banking. We will be rolling out a new online banking that is more user-friendly and easier to navigate, within the next couple of months. You will have the ability to transfer money into another customer’s account with just a few clicks once you obtain some information. You will also be able to submit a wire request online, if sent in before the cutoff time, will be sent to the recipient that same day. Look for these new great features and more!!!!

From Ste Genevieve to Cape Girardeau to points south. Southeast Missouri has two common denominators. Interstate 55 and The Mississippi River. Sometime we take these two magnificent ca
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There are two main arteries that link our area together – Interstate 55 and the mighty Mississippi River. The commerce that flows in and through this section of Southeast Missour
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