It’s a great time to be a part of the Mississippi River Valley region along the I-55 Corridor in Southeast Missouri. Communities are growing, businesses are expanding and MRV Banks is glad to be a part of it! Be looking for frequent stories and business updates about our region on our MRV Banks Blog page!
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MRV Banks Growing Alongside I-55/River Corridor in Southeast Missouri

There are two main arteries that link our area together – Interstate 55 and the mighty Mississippi River.

The commerce that flows in and through this section of Southeast Missouri is truly amazing. MRV Banks is thrilled to grow with the region that goes from Ste Genevieve/Farmington area, to the Perryville, Cape, Jackson, Scott City areas, right on through Sikeston and New Madrid. That 100+ mile I-55 stretch with the river that runs through it is brimming with new activity and optimism. At least I think so. How about you?

The I-55/ River corridor of Southeast Missouri features a diverse and dynamic economy. River and over the road transportation and distribution is huge, agriculture and agri-business is very strong, while manufacturing, education and medical innovation is at the forefront of business activity….not to mention the thousands of small business owners who call this region home.

Our area is economically strong and diverse and more dependent on each other for future business growth. Sure, we are competing in a world market, but we are also daily discovering new resources and opportunities for revenue and growth close to home.

Perhaps the most exciting part of our region’s growth is there are more and more opportunities for young people to find jobs or start businesses, receive a quality education and actually put down roots in the communities alongside the I-55/River corridor.

I’ve heard it said many times, “ You are what you think you are.” I think we are a group of growing communities with more opportunities than ever before. When someone asks me, “ Where are good places to live?” I recommend the communities along the Interstate 55 – Mississippi River region of Southeast Missouri. Without hesitation!

There are jobs in our area, opportunities for entrepreneurs, access to quality education and a quality of life people in cramped , metropolitan areas often long for. We also have good schools, neighborhoods and generally like each other, except on Friday nights on the field or in the gym when competing for bragging rights.

What do you think? In the context of the I-55/River corridor, how do you think we are doing? Do you like living here? Just send your thoughts and comments and I’ll be glad to share them next time!

Header Photo Provided By: "Mississippi River" by cm195902 is licensed under CC BY 2.0


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