Minor Savings

Our minor savings account is designed to help the younger generation save for the real world. Whether it is for college or their first car, this account will get them on the right track.
Minimum to open $10.00
Monthly service charge None
Fee for more than 3 withdrawals per month $3.00/item

Mortgage rates have remained low in the third quarter of 2015 prompting questions of whether now is a good time to refinance or buy a new home.  It’s always a great idea
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From Ste Genevieve to Cape Girardeau to points south. Southeast Missouri has two common denominators. Interstate 55 and The Mississippi River. Sometime we take these two magnificent ca
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There are two main arteries that link our area together – Interstate 55 and the mighty Mississippi River. The commerce that flows in and through this section of Southeast Missour
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